Music production, from song idea to finished commercial product on the shelf, is multi-dimensional in its scope. Each artist is unique and all have distinctly different and wide-ranging production requirements. Beau Hill Productions takes pride in its ability to cater to and respond dynamically to those specific individual needs.

From writing and arranging, pre-production rehearsals and label interfacing, to recording, mixing, and mastering. With more than two decades of in the trenches music business experience, and a proven track record of more than 50 million units sold worldwide including several gold, platinum and multi-platinum records, we are confident that Beau Hill Productions has the experience and vision to "Get It Right".

Technical Specifications

Over the decades, the art of making records has left an interesting and constantly changing array of recording and mixing equipment in our collection. Currently the mix and recording arsenal - which marries rare vintage outboard gear with the best digital and plug-in technology available today - looks like this:

Pro Tools HD 3 Accel v 8.1

Apple Power MAC Dual Core G5

Apogee AD/DA Converters

Plug-Ins: Melodyne, Waves, McDsp and

many more plug-ins.

Avalon AD-2044 Stereo


2-UREI 1176 Blackface

2-Neve 2254


2-Drawmer DS-201 Noise Gate

2-BBE 822

2-Avalon M5 Mic Preamp

Avalon AD-2055 Stereo

2-Pultec EQP1A

2-Neve 1083

2-Neve 1081

AMS RMX-16 Digital Reverb

AMS DMX-1580S Stereo Delay / Pitch Shift

Eventide H3000-SB Multi Effects Processor

Eventide H3000-SE Multi Effects Processor

TC Electronics 2290 Digital Delay

2-Yamaha SPX-1000 Multi Effects Processor